Terra Nova Facebook Role Play

This is A Terra Nova Facebook Role Play
Do you love Terra Nova?
Ever want to be your favorite character?
Well now not only can you Rp in our Terra Nova Role Play as one of them but also we are adding characters :)
Audition to be any Terra Nova Character you want
Or pick a actor/actress on the list you wanna be
To make into your own character in the Terra Nova RP! Read Tryouts and Character Info for more!

All you do to audition is read
*What Characters are open
*Read the Try Out botton for info
*Then use the Ask button to audition
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Hey guys we are looking for people :)

Come join us today and see the characters we need its a lot of fun!!

Hey guys as you know this Rp is Terra Nova plus making up your own characters for the RP by using famous actors if you would like too!!

Well we are in desperate need of someone to play Ian’s made up character Jason on here :) Our Bridget is amazing she is using the actress Nina for Bridget.We need someone very much to use Ian for this character Jason!Jason has a bit of a back story already he was with Bridget for a long time.

Then he was suppose to come to Terranova with her but something held him back he left her a note last minute telling her to go. Saying he couldn’t go with her anymore. We are looking for someone to be a awesome Jason and play his character well, as he returns back to TerraNova!


We swear you will love it

Our Rp is actually getting a lot bigger now so its a lot of fun.

We swear you won’t be dissapointed!!